Danielle Marie Farnsworth


Nathan Allen Stump

Danielle Marie Farnsworth and Nathan Allen Stump
Danielle Marie Farnsworth and Nathan Allen Stump

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Our story is my favorite. This is how we became #Stumped4ever

Nathan and I started working together about ten years ago, although I had informally met him five years prior. If you know anything about Nathan, you know he loves metal music (mostly 80's hair metal music). If you know anything about me, you know I love metal music too (I am slowly converting him into metal made in this century). We began going to concerts together in September 2006; sometimes I would go with him and his girlfriend, sometimes he would come with me and my boyfriend, and sometimes it would be just us. It has been said that someone is automatically more attractive to you when you share the same taste in music; looking back, we both agree that there was always an attraction between us. Now, that attraction has grown into something amazing.

In November 2013, just as a black cloth sack was placed over our heads, I grabbed Nathan's hand, and we entered Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare haunted house #1. As I took his hand, it was like electricity surged through me. My interest in him moved to a new level that night, and each defining moment thereafter has a different concert tied to it. Things sparked more, under the encouragement of a mutual friend, with a quick "concert kiss" at Suicidal Tendencies; heated up when he prepared a homemade dinner before a Korn concert; and we solidified "us" with an amazing complete evening that included Megadeth. Despite what he may say, we became official after the Megadeth concert on December 17th (smirk). Nathan is the love of my life AND my concert buddy. Live music shows are fun, but he usually has to remind me that "every day can't be a Korn concert."

Nathan proposed to me over dinner on February 8, 2016. After Nathan put the ring on, he stated, "your ring has the infinity symbol on it because I will love you forever." Nathan has always put a lot of thought into everything about us. I noticed the symbol on my ring right away, and the fact that he purposefully planned it that way means the world to me. I thought no one else paid THAT MUCH attention to the small details besides me; I was wrong. Nathan's mindfulness and attention to detail makes him the perfect guy for me!

On August 6, 2016, Nathan and I will be joined in a union that will not be bound by, "'til death do you part." On that day, we will be married and sealed together for time and all eternity...forever. The infinity symbol to us is so much more than a cute and endearing wedding theme; it symbolizes our commitment to each other throughout the eternities.

Nathan is a dream come true. I honestly never thought it was possible for such an amazing man to exist! I am the luckiest girl to have him; he says that he is the luckiest man to have me. I think we are both lucky to have each other. Nathan is the most kind, thoughtful, and patient person I know...and, well, I can be a little cynical and sarcastic. Each of us has our own quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. We don't always agree, and that's ok...we balance each other out! We are the perfect combination of sweet and salty, spontaneous and routine, leading and supporting. He adds tranquility when I am spinning out, and I have a plan of action when he is stuck. Together we are so much more than the sum of all parts; we have a synergistic effect on each other just as our divine nature is meant to. Over time, and with the help of our Heavenly Father, our different strengths will refine each other, and our individual character will improve.

Thank you so much for being part of our experience thus far. We are anticipatory about embarking on this new adventure together, and are also excited to have you join us.

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Ring Ceremony and reception

6:30 PM, August 6, 2016

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

2775 Placentia Avenue, Costa Mesa, California 92627


If you SMOKE or VAPE
Out of respect for the church, please do not smoke on the church grounds or in the parking lot. There is a direct walkway from the property to the Placentia Avenue sidewalk where butt-cans will be provided. This also applies to vape (e-cig) smoke. Thank you very much!
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Wedding Party

Haley Farnsworth


Danielle's beautiful daughter and "HaleyBug"

Meagan Stump


Nathan's beautiful daughter and "Pea Pod"

Arthur Stump

Best Man

Nathan's younger brother and an all-around amazing human being

Lee Heiligman


Nathan's best friend

Cula Farnsworth

Mother of the Bride

Margaret Beebe

Mother of the Groom

Robert Mann

Master of Ceremony

Trusted friend and polished entertainer.

James Windschitl


Spiritual adviser for Danielle and Nathan; spiritual mentor and friend for Nathan.

Lisa MF Howard

Sister and co-planner

Danielle's eldest and wisest sister.

Shannon Quinn

Best friend and co-planner

Danielle & Nathan's support through thick and thin...always ready with a helping hand and comic relief.

Paul Wayne Farnsworth

Father of the Bride participating in spirit

In loving memory of Danielle's father.
Paul taught the importance of education, responsibility, and integrity. He made sure his girls knew the value of their virtue, money in general, and the appropriate use of automobiles and firearms. In hindsight, it is Danielle's belief that her father's passing set forth in motion a chain of events that ultimately has led her to be married in the temple to Nathan.

Arthur Delbert "A.D." & Elizabeth Allen Stump

Grandparents of the Groom participating in spirit

In loving memory of Nathan's grandparents.
A.D. and Betty lived as amazing examples of faith, love, respect, responsibility, and integrity. Their righteous and honorable character made a deep impression on Nathan, and helped form who he is today.
**Danielle is forever grateful for their role in raising the man of her dreams.

Laura Lane "Miracle Worker"

Bridal party stylist

Laura has been a trusted stylist of the Farnsworth family for almost 25 years. After a rebellious hair dying incident at age 14, Danielle decided that burgundy did not suit her well, and wanted to return to being a blonde. Laura took on the challenge, and has been the only stylist to touch Danielle's hair ever since. Laura cuts, colors, and styles amazingly. After each appointment, Danielle declares, "Laura makes EVERYTHING better. The world is a better, brighter, and happier place after she does my hair!"

Bleudog Photography

Wedding Photographer

Brilliant photographer with an amazing eye to capture our special event. Danielle fell in love with her ability to capture spontaneity and the occasional goofy face.

Maria Pelaya

Bridal party make-up artist

Maria is extremely talented. After searching high and low, Danielle almost gave up hope. Then, by accident, Danielle found Maria - she is the best!


Costa Mesa Marriott

Although a block of rooms have not been reserved,
there are some attendees staying at the Costa Mesa Marriott hotel.

500 Anton Boulevard
Costa Mesa, California 92626

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